Dear Friends,

Welcome to the digital edition of Freedom First.  Please feel free to send in your articles to be put up on the digital edition.  We would be happy to receive suggestions to improve upon this new effort.  Together, we can make it better.

3 thoughts on “Dear Friends,

  1. Dear Kasmiraji:
    I thought that you would include the recent article(s) of mine in the digital edition of FF.Babu


  2. Dear Kashmeera Rao:
    It is sad to hear of the demise of Karnik, who was contributing a regular column to FF.
    But, life must go on.
    Now the FF online looks much better. Happy you and others are working on it.
    May be yous hould take a look again at the article I sent some time ago.
    Do you want to revive the monthly series on India’s Foreign Policy in the 21st century? May be I can wirte less frequently.


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