Rein in your Tiger – An open call to Sena leader

Freedom First denounces the rowdy act of smearing black paint on the face of Sudheendra Kulkarni by some members of Shiv Sena in protest of the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) hosting the book launch of Pakistan’s former foreign minister, Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri’s “Neither A Hawk Nor A Dove”.

Sena leader, Sanjay Raut describes the incident – a mild form of democratic protest (sic).  Your protest is neither ‘mild’, nor ‘democratic’.

A democratic protest is a peaceful protest where no harm is done to any person or property.  Your protest is no better than the recent incidents of acid throwing!  The act could have endangered the person’s life or left a permanent scar.

Since you show concern about the blood-shed of our brave soldiers on the border, we suggest you put your ‘cubs’ along with the soldiers and the moment our jawan falls to the bullet of the enemy, smear black paint on that enemy soldier.  Udhavji can then pronounce it “brave act”!

Freedom First salutes Sudheendra Kulkarni and Nehru Centre for not cowing down under pressure.

2 thoughts on “Rein in your Tiger – An open call to Sena leader

  1. A brave attempt to administer a rap on the knuckles of anti-social elements. But so thick-skinned and so shameless they are, they do not mind the admonition at all. Over the years, the rule of law has been given a go by letting off all sorts of destructive elements to indulge in a free for all. The governments, the enforcement machinery, the judiciary and all the organs of the state are rendered spineless and impotent spectators to the mayhem merrily played by these groups. It’s unfortunate that the amount of sympathy and support the victims of such dastardly acts get from their well-wishers is far less compared to the gravity and enormity of the trauma caused by these lawless elements.


  2. No point in wasting time in writing or making any comment on Sena or its Leaders’ unsolicited outbursts. They are power hungry and fanatics. Both print and electronic media should totally boycott Sena news or activities which will not only keep them at bay but the public will be saved from being fooled.


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