Loan Waiver and its Myriad Facets

N. S. Venkataraman

The farming community has always been held in high esteem in India which possesses the second largest agricultural land in the world (around 60%), only next to the USA.

So when the farmers feel distressed, the Indian society becomes concerned and wants to do whatever it can, to help remove the crisis.  The government steps in with its schemes, offers and waivers.  Continue reading

My Land, My Open Space – A Debate

In this post, there are two articles bordering on the same issue. While Mr. N. S. Venkataraman writes on Andhra government’s obnoxious decision of usurping arable land for developing its capital city, Mrs. Meera Sanyal takes us through Mumbai’s municipal corporation’s policy of land adoption and wonders if it’s a back-door entry to a land grab.

In both articles, the question is of land, an area of ground being encroached upon illegally, leaving the aam admi poorer – whether it is his farmland being snatched away from him or whether it is that open space which he cannot call his own little paradise any more.   Continue reading