A Governors’ Raj

BOOK - A Governors' Raj

A Governors’ Raj – British Administration during Lord Irwin’s Viceroyalty, 1926-1931

Author : Michael Fenwick Macnamara

Sage Publications (I) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi; Year:2015; Pages:250; Price:Rs.895

Reviewed by Brig. Suresh C. Sharma (retd.), freelance writer and advisor to the telecom industry.  E-mail: sureshsharma236@yahoo.com 

The British were foreign conquerors and ruled India for their own benefit. The rule also brought benefits of railways, canals and improved agriculture to the people. Along with military subjugation, they talked of Independence too. The author examines the papers of Lord Irwin, Viceroy of India, during 1926 to 1931 to explore the truth of these perceptions and the role played by the governors in the administration.   Continue reading

Billion Dollar Plan

This article is based on an interview published in the online issue of Mint-on-Sunday, March 27, 2016.  Persons working in the field of public policy were asked to draw up a plan of what they would do if they are given One Billion Dollars! 

We bring you some highlights of Mrs. Meera Sanyal’s vision of the policy initiatives she would undertake with a billion dollar, with specific reference to Mumbai, her hometown. Continue reading