Freedom First – The Liberal Magazine

Freedom First, a journal promoting liberal values was founded in 1952 by the late Minoo Masani (1905-1998). He was a participant in India’s freedom struggle and parliamentarian who pioneered the liberal movement in free India.

Articles published in Freedom First are frank analyses of events, offering a liberal perspective of men and matters. Freedom First believes in an open society based on minimum government and maximum freedom tempered by a sense of individual responsibility in which the people’s genius has a fair opportunity to develop and grow. It rejects any ideology, movement or policy that sets one group of citizens against another be it based on class, caste, religion or envy.

Freedom First has been in continuous publication since its inception in June 1952 till July 2015 when it had to close down owing to financial constraints and lack of personnel to run a journal of such high calibre. It is owing to the efforts of its last editor, the late S.V. Raju that the journal has been digitized and preserved for posterity.